Tuesday 12th May, 2009

Nurturing The Bride

This is the year to put into practise those thoughts of being kinder to yourself. This means taking time out from your ‘busy-ness’ to just ‘be’, to think, to dream. To do this you don’t need lots of dollars, just creative thinking and contemplation of what you feel would relax you at this moment. It will be different on each occasion.

Janne Peters

We suggest:
– curling up under your favourite rug to snooze
– buying an attractive book with blank pages and start to diary your innermost thoughts and feelings
– reading a chapter of a favourite book
– buying or picking and arranging a bunch of foliage and flowers
– making a pot of your favourite tea with tea leaves, lemon wedges and sugar, serve it in a beautiful cup and savour
– preparing good quality hot chocolate, float a marshmallow on the top and sip with pleasure
– taking a bubble bath and giving yourself a facial or pedicure
– putting on your favourite music and dancing madly around the room
– taking a walk on a rainy afternoon
– jumping in puddles
– walking along a windswept beach to collect driftwood and shells
– making a wind chime or mobile from that driftwood and those shells
– teach yourself a new skill – knit that scarf, write that poem, sing a song
As you get into the habit of doing this every week for at least half an hour, it will become second nature to you. You will miss it if it ever disappears from your life!

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Thursday 07th May, 2009

Be Inspired…Blogs

Recently I worked with a large group of people for a month to refine what the Bridal Survival blog is all about. The experience was one of the most rewarding ones I’ve had online and I wanted to share with you five of my finds of the past month.

All these blogs are Australia- I’m so enjoying the lovely nature of Australian blogs!

Living In Wonderment– Living In Wonderment provides the most wonderful peaceful moments. Her words have really made me pause and breathe lately. Beautiful photographs and the neatest little finds!

Live Life– I love Dani’s bubbly personality and she’s full of Queensland sunshine! Dani is always finding new ways of speaking to her readers which I really love.

The Red Thread – I’ve mentioned the Red Thread before in We Love Wednesdays, but Lisa’s blog is a lovely cosy sight to be seen! Full of beautiful finds and her own sense of great style. Lisa brings a great feeling to me whenever I read it.

Bondville – Steph Bond showcases what’s great about Australian art and design. Funky finds, great kids products and Steph’s own special touch make Bondville really enjoyable.

Lilla Poesia – Although only a new blog, I just know Amy’s blog is going to make it onto my must read list! Already full of lovely photoggraphs and her beautiful writing style, I’m so looking forward to Amy’s new journey.

I love reading blogs outside the wedding spehere and the last four weeks have really opened my eyes to some of the beautiful ones out there. These ones are definately worth a look!

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Wednesday 06th May, 2009

We Love…Paloma’s Nest

This Wednesday, we’re loving the ever so sweet ceramic goodies from Etsy seller Paloma’s Nest

To Have & To Hold Ring Bearer Bowl

The range includes ring bearer bowls- with holes drilled into them to tie your wedding rings to, wooden printed bangles, bowls with lovely inspirational quotes, tiles, ceramic eggs and ceramic plates. Each piece is hand stamped and has a lovely organic feel.

Cherish Tiny Text Bowl

The pieces can also be customised with your own special quote- making the creations a perfect gift for your bridesmaids and loved ones. All are available at the Paloma’s Nest Etsy store.

Just quietly, we’re also quite enamored with the Will You Marry Me proposal bowl, but unsure as to whether many of those about to propose will have stumbled upon our blog!

Will Your Marry Me Text Bowl

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Monday 04th May, 2009

Everything In It’s Place

The months leading up to your wedding day are a great time to consider your possessions. One chapter of your life closes and the new chapter with your husband will begin. There is no better time to re-organize your belongings. Will you live in a new home together or move in to one or the other’s home? Have you been already living together and have shared belongings? If so, it’s best to do this together in consultation with each other.

Kikki K Desktop Solution

There is a saying – ‘don’t keep anything that is not useful or beautiful’. Using this as your guide, look around each room in your house. In the bathroom, throw out old cosmetics and medications, towels that are past their use-by date, and that wilted pot plant. In the kitchen, clean the cupboards of out of date food, utensils that are not useful, non stick pots that are scratched, appliances that you never use or things that are just plain unattractive. Do the same for each room of your house. Do the same with the furniture too, if you can afford it or if you are doubling up at your new home.

Then start on your clothes and linen cupboards. Things that are uncomfortable, too small, too big, old fashioned, worn or don’t match anything. Not only does this give you an idea of where you have gaps to fill with more desirable goods, but it will also give you ideas of what you should ask for in your wedding registry. Do you need new sheets, blankets or towels? New pots and pans, a beautiful cutlery set or dinner set?

Clear storage boxes from Howard’s Storage World

Make three piles – one to throw away, one to keep, and one to give to charity. Organise the charity to come and pick up their goods, and the Council to pick up your hard rubbish. There – all done! Now you can enjoy the freshness of the new start that is to come. And in these times of less prosperity – make it a rule not to buy anything for your new home together that is not ‘useful or beautiful’!

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