Wednesday 12th August, 2009

We Love…BGentle Soaps

How sweet are these cake inspired soaps by Australian company BGentle? The perfect gift for your bridesmaids or at your bridal shower!


5princesscake 4chocolatecake



The soaps are available through the BGentle website

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Tuesday 11th August, 2009

Wedding In the Rain

Today it is raining here steadily for the first time in what seems like months. So if today was your wedding day how would you cope?


Photo by Max Klingensmith

Send someone out to buy lots of umbrellas – black or white would look elegant or even plain coloured ones if you are lucky enough to find them at short notice. If you had looked at the forecast for your wedding day and found that rain was expected you could order your umbrellas online beforehand.

Buy beautifully patterned gumboots. There are lots available now that are not only for kids. At the very least you could wear them to the venue door and then change into your expensive bridal shoes – and lets face it they would add a touch of humour to your photos as you lift your dress and hop out of the car!

Photographs look wonderful in the rain. The soft light casts few shadows and the colours of nature seem enhanced by the rain. There is something romantic about raindrops running down a window or mist seen as you peer outside. Rain adds cosiness to your day and having the celebration inside means that most guests will stay inside instead of wandering outside.

If you are a really adventurous couple you could have your photographs taken in the rain – that is if you don’t mind wet hairstyles and damp dresses. Jumping over those puddles might just become your best wedding picture, in that it expresses the joyousness of your day! Maybe it would be a good idea to have a spare outfit in case you do get wet!

Don’t let the rain spoil your day. Be flexible, use your sense of humour and you will find that you will be able to laugh about it and be grateful that the earth is being renewed on your special day.

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Wednesday 05th August, 2009

We Love…Water Views

In the depths of what feels like a never ending winter, we’re loving receptions right on the water! There’s something so very magical about the spectacular view it provides, especially at night when the lights glint from the water.

Here’s a few of the places we’ve visited with gorgeous views! Perfect for your wedding


L’Esprit On The Water in Southport Queensland, overlooks the Nerang River.


Sails on The Bay in Elwood, Victoria is right against Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay


Middle Brighton Baths located in Brighton, Victoria overlooks Brighton Beach and the Brighton baths (where brave swimmers take to the water before dawn daily!)


Jonahs on Palm Beach provides more of a cliff top ocean view over Whale Beach and the Pacific Ocean


Quay Restaurant in Sydney has to offer one of the most spectacular evening water views, nestled next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the venue also overlooks the Sydney Opera House.

Where are your favourite reception venues with water views?

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