Wednesday 27th April, 2011

We Love…. Elephants

These beautiful majestic creatures are the true kings of the jungle. What do elephants have to do with weddings? Ganesh, one of the Hindu Gods, is in the form of an elephant and is the Lord of success, wisdom, prosperity and knowledge – wonderful qualities to wish for in the years ahead. And who could not love an elephant with their lumbering stride, inquisitive trunk and their close family bonds? They’re mighty cute too – just remember those elephant babies born at Aussie zoos lately!


Ganesh statues could sit on each table amongst your flowers hopefully bringing prosperity to each person who touches her – Ganesh statue from Green Crafts


Silver earrings featuring Ganesh from Mystical Serina


Elephant cufflinks from


Cute elephant earrings from Safaris and Rainbows – a cute gift for your flower girl perhaps!


Silver pendant with Tibetan elephants from Khoxa Krafts

Or try the real thing……….


Elephant ride with Bali Adventure Tours


Check out elephant rides here at  Amazing Thailand

Or get up close and personal with the elephants at our own Australia Zoo


Let an elephant bring you wisdom and luck for your married life together!

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Wednesday 20th April, 2011

We Love……Glittery Headbands

Something sparkly for your hair  like a tiara or a headband adds to the ‘princess feel’ of your wedding  attire. Well, it might be the only time in your life when you get to wear one!


Moss and Fern Tiara featuring clear glass leaves, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls from White Willow


Rhinestone headband from Amie Noel Designs


To be worn as either a headband or tiara, ‘Cathery’ Swarovski crystal and pearl headband made to order from Tiffani Saxton Designs


‘Suzy’ headband 14 carat gold with coloured Swarovski crystals made to order from Tiffani Saxton Designs


Floral Heirloom headband from Lewis Cooper


Ivory berry and floral headband from BE Something New

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Wednesday 13th April, 2011

We Love……Parasols

There is something quite genteel and refined about the thought of a parasol! Whether it is as an accessory that you use as a starting point for a colour scheme for your wedding, or provide them to shade your guests from the hot summer sun, a parasol can be a sweet addition to your wedding scheme.


Hand painted parasol from IB intentional beauty


Cocktail umbrellas from Autumn Jo


Lacey crochet parasol from Kolus 79


Hand painted cherry blossom with butterflies parasol from Art Intersect

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Wednesday 06th April, 2011

We Love……..Letterpress

In the creative world of wedding invitations, letterpress stands out as being just so darned elegant and ‘olde worlde’. Yet it can look as modern as tomorrow or as vintage as yesterday. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite for this old craft.


Thank you tag from Bespoke Press


Invitation from Bella Figura


Gorgeous garden themed invitation from Bella Figura


Save The Date card from The Small Printer


Invitation from Pistachio Press

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