Wednesday 27th July, 2011

We Love ………Caramel Treats

When thinking of the topic to write about this week, my thoughts turned to caramel – one of my very favourite flavours. Buttery, sweet and a little bit salty, caramel could just be the flavour you’re looking for when deciding on a dessert theme for your wedding.

Here are a few examples of the many, many caramel sweet treat ideas out there. Look on the web for creative ideas, or simply ask your caterer – and try to stop at keeping the spread to one table – it is so easy to get carried away!


Caramel apples from Martha Stewart


Cashew Vanilla Caramels from The Caramel Jar


White Chocolate Caramel Fudge from Pernilla’s Something Swedish


Salted caramel cheesecakes served in a glass – what a great idea from Bubble and Sweet


Roasted black sesame butter caramel from Fusion Sweets

What about caramel cakes, caramel bars, caramel sauce, caramel icecream…..the list is endless!

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Wednesday 13th July, 2011

We Love…..Sunflowers

It is icy here today with the wind and the rain sending shivers down our spines. So what better way to cheer us up than looking at pictures of sunflowers and imagining all the different ways we can use them in our wedding day. Their cheery colour and their open ‘faces’ bring a relaxed, country feel to anywhere they are used. Think grasses, wheat, and vine tendrils to add to that casual feel.


Sunflower from PD Photo


A gorgeous table setting from The Sweetest Occasion


Sweet cupcakes from Martha Stewart


Summery wedding bouquet from Spice and Sass

What about little bags of sunflower seeds for your guests’ favours, for them to scatter in their own gardens? What sunflower ideas can you think of?

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Wednesday 06th July, 2011

We Love……..Imaginative Bouquets

Flowers are always the first and most popular choice for a bridal bouquet. But if you long to be different, here are a few other options to consider. Carry the theme of the bouquet you have chosen to your table centrepieces, boutonnieres, bridesmaids’ bouquets and aisle adornments.


A brightly coloured pinwheel bouquet with DIY instructions from The Sweetest Occasion


Feminine pink seashell bouquet from My Wedding Concierge


A touch of fabric and button gorgeousness from Princess Lasertron


Bouquet with a vintage touch made from ribbon and beautiful brooches from Design Me Vintage


For your own  ‘flutter’ of butterflies, a butterfly brooch bouquet from My Haley Girl

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