Monday 24th May, 2010

The Jetsetter Honeymoon Survival Kit


We’re so thrilled to have our Jetsetter Honeymoon Kit included in the latest edition of Bride To Be magazine!

Many moons ago, we dreamed up this kit to help jet-setting honeymooners survive their adventures!


The kit is packed full of almost every essential you might need when hopping on a big bird to an exotic destination. In honour of our feature, we thought we’d explore a little behind the kit contents!

First up are two functional laundry bags from Australian company The Laundry Bag. The bags are lightweight, durable and can hold all your delicates until you get to a washing machine Each bag (we’ve included two, one of each design) is fully lined and features a leather carry strap, extra pockets and a wet bag.

Next up are our leather travel accessories! We’ve included a leather passport holder for the bride and the groom, a leather documents holder for all your tickets and travel documents and four leather suitcase tags to identify your newlywed luggage as it rolls off the carousel. For international jet-setters we have you covered- we included a set of three travel adapters and a double set of travel locks Keeping you safe, secured and able to use your hair dryer!

For a little bit of travel pampering, we turned to our friends at Absolutely Gorgeous and included their handmade Seduce Me bath milk sachet and body oil, for a little post wedding bliss!

We love beautiful stationery and a trip such as your honeymoon deserves only the best! We’ve included beautiful travel journals from Zetta Florence– complete with a vintage style map of the world on the cover!

We haven’t forgotten the basic essentials you’ve come to know us for! There’s toothbrushes, band-aids, sunscreen, bacterial hand santiser and even indigetion tablets! Just call us “essential travel insurance”.

The Jetsetter Honeymoon Kit is available for purchase in our online store now.

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Sunday 10th January, 2010

Heel Angels Now In Store!


Heel Angels are now in store at Bridal Survival. We searched long and hard for an attractive solution to keeping your beautiful bridal shoes safe on your wedding day. Heel Angels protect your heels from scuffs, scratches, stains & rips and are great for wearing in the grass, mud, on decking, on cement, on gravel – really any surface! Without scuffing the fabric or leather of your shoes.

Heel Angels use electrostatic electricity to cling to the heel so there is no sticky residue, plus they’re clear so they’re invisible to guests. There’s nothing to remove once you get inside and no ugly plastic!

Each pack contains three pairs of strips. First peel the strip off the backing card.


Placing the angled end of the strip, place it at the bottom of the heel.


Wind the strip over itself on the first turn to ensure it grips for your next turns.


Keep winding the strip up the heel tightly, overlap the winds slightly so none of the heel is exposed.


When finished, wind the strip completely over itself so it clings into place.  Cut off the remainder


Voila! Protected heels!


Purchase Heel Angels through the Bridal Survival online store.

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Friday 04th September, 2009

Wine Wipes Now In Store!

A brand new product, or little essential as we like to call it has just landed in our Bridal Survival store!


Wine Wipes are a brand new product designed to eliminate stains and marks from your mouth and teeth caused by red wine.

We’ve heard of many brides avoiding red wine on their wedding day just so they can keep a clean face, so with this in mind, we knew Wine Wipes were the perfect addition to our store!

Each compact sized container has a mirror inside the lid and contains 20 orange-blossom flavoured wipes to wipe away wine from your teeth and mouth.

Wine Wipes are available now in the Bridal Survival online shop.

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Tuesday 30th June, 2009

The Bridal Eve Kit

Life can be so stressful, even when you’re not planning a wedding. Work schedules, exercise schedules and fitting in some ‘couple time’, as well as wedding planning, sometimes adds up to feeling rushed and overloaded.


The Bridal Eve Kit

You don’t even have the time to run to the shops and gather your supplies for a relaxing pamper session at home? That’s why we at Bridal Survival have just relaunched our ever popular Bridal Eve Kit!


The Bridal Eve Kit

Filled to the brim with lavender bath products, we encourage you to make yourself a cup of Camomile tea with the sachet provided in the kit, light the candles and slip into a deep warm bath and luxuriate. Afterwards, feed your skin with lavender body butter, slip on your favourite PJs, pop on our thick fluffy socks and eye mask and crawl into a warm bed to sleep the night away.
All you will need for a relaxing night in – dreams not provided!

We originally created the kit to ensure you have a great sleep the night ebfore your big day, but we think it’s just as lovely any time during the wedding planning process!

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Friday 17th April, 2009

Magical Mothers – The Mother’s Survival Kit

Here at Bridal Survival, we love our mums. When we grow up, we want to be just as wise, loving and beautiful as they are!

So in honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day, we thought we’d explore our Mother’s Survival Kit available in the Bridal Survival online store.

Mums are such an integral part of the wedding planning process. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, most mothers are just as stressed as the bride! There’s family to consider, dress fittings to attend, tears to dry and the thought of such a momentous day for their child.

With this in mind as with all Bridal Survival kits, we headed to the experts for this kit- our mums!

The Bridal Survival Mother’s Survival Kit contains all the things a mum might need to help her through the wedding planning process.

We started with this gorgeous porcelain teacups from Husk. Decorated with silver poppies, they’re beautifully elegant. When there is a teacup there must be tea, so included in the kit is a range of Husk teas (including herbal and green) and a tea infuser.  Husk tea blends are free of tannic acids and preservatives and are beautiful to drink.

To pamper mum, we included Freesia & Nori Pear intensive hand cream and soap set from Australian brand Pamilli. Pamilli triple mills all her soaps and they all contain beautiful essential oils. Pamilli is designed and manufactured in Australia which our mums love!

We included a journal by Melbourne stationer Zetta Florence. We wanted somewhere for mums to be able to record their thoughts, write down wonderful memories and to capture the moments throughout the process.

Finally, to really help mum out during the planning process. The Mother’s Survival Kit also includes, tissues (for those tears!), paracetamol (we know there will be headaches!), a stress ball (self explanatory!), a “to do” list, a pen, sticky notes and a few other goodies including our favourite sugar hit- jelly beans!

The Mother’s Survival Kit (designed by mums and created by us!) is a great gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. It’s available now in our Bridal Survival online store.

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