Monday 17th August, 2009

Sensitive Foodies


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It is becoming more common for people to express the fact that they are sensitive to certain foods.  Among the sensitivities that you will hear about are adverse reactions to gluten (found in the grains of rye, wheat, oats and barley), eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish and nuts.

How can you accommodate these people at your reception to ensure that they can also partake of the goodies you serve?

When you send out your wedding invitations, you could send out a small card asking guests to detail their food sensitivities. Added to this you may have guests who are vegetarians, or who don’t drink alcohol. Your chef could then tailor a special meal cooked in a pristine environment (i.e. an environment that is not contaminated with the food allergen from preparation of ‘normal’ food nearby) which could be discreetly served along with the other food.

Gluten free beers are now available (try Gluten Free Shop –  Sunnybrook Health Foods In Ormond, Melbourne) and you will be able to find preservative free wines there as well. Be aware that fining agents in wines may consist of gelatine (animal derived), casein (from dairy), albumin (from eggs) and isinglass (from fish) – these may cause a reaction in those with severe sensitivities  to these products.

Sauces and their ingredients should be carefully checked e.g. soy sauce or vinegar may not be gluten free), but any thickening agent can be substituted by using a gluten free flour. Wonderful sweet treats can be made by using gluten free flour and/or ground almond meal, egg substitutes and dairy substitutes so no-one need miss out.
A good chef will always be aware of allergies and should be able to build a menu that is still delicious and inventive. Even your wedding cake maker will have recipes they could use if needed.

Be sure that the wait staff  are aware of the guests with food sensitivities and where they will be sitting. Perhaps ask one staff member to be solely responsible for serving these guests, explaining to them the ingredients in the food to allay their fears, if needed. You will be secure in the knowledge that there won’t be any adverse reactions during or after the reception, and your guests will love you for caring enough about them to find out about and accommodate their special needs.

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