Thursday 12th February, 2009

Surviving With Children

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Inviting your friends’ and relatives’ children to your wedding can add to the joyousness of the occasion if you are well prepared.

Have some designated carers – either trusted family or friends, or trained carers – to look after the children, so that their parents can relax and enjoy themselves. Prepare your reception venue by taking note of all possible hazards – water near by, a kitchen area, large expanses of glass etc – and make sure your carers are aware of these. Make sure that your carers know who they are looking after so they are aware of where they are at all times.

Children need to drink and eat well before the adults so ensure that a table with fun versions of the ‘grown up’ food – iced drinks, finger food, water ices, lollipops, is readily available. Ask the parents if they prefer some foods not to be available to their children – such as lollies or coloured ice blocks. Some children may have allergies – so warn the chef accordingly.

Games such as cricket, ball games, bubble blowing can be set up in an open space, or making sand castles if at a beach venue. A spot for quiet activities, equipped with paper and crayons and coloured pencils, board games, puzzles – perhaps set out on a picnic rug in the shade will encourage cooling off in the heat. A quiet corner for naps will ensure that parents don’t take home screaming frazzled children.

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