Wednesday 10th February, 2010

We Love…Perfumed Flowers

Perfumed flowers are a joy to the senses at any time, but at a wedding they add an extra note to the celebrations.


Flowers by Stewart

Include them in your wedding bouquet, in arrangements on the tables, tucked into an archway of flowers and greenery, or tied in small bunches to the church pews or the backs of your chairs at the reception.


Flowers by Greenhem

Flowers to consider are bulbs such as paperwhites (narcissus), hyacinths, and lily of the valley. Some carnations have a clove like scent as do lilies. Gardenias, lilacs, jasmine and scented roses have an old fashioned air and a wonderful fragrance. In the tropics who could go past frangipani for the perfume and their beauty?


Photo by Powerhouse Museum

It’s best to be disciplined in your approach and chose just one perfumed flower to use in your arrangements – more will confuse the senses and become overwhelming!

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