Wednesday 29th April, 2009

We Love.. Peter Alexander’s Winter Range

We’ve always been a fan of Peter Alexander (as readers of our newsletter will know!) and when we spotted the softest looking beanie and scarf set we had to order it straight away! (We actually ordered more than one!)

The beanie and scarf are perfect for the icy cold winter weather we’ve been experiencing lately! Made from soft faux fur, the beanie and scarf comes in four colours (fuschia, forest green, black and our favourite- pale pink!)

The set is great for being out and about, but we like to wear them in the office!

As we’re always looking for ways to make things a little different, why not pin a pretty brooch or crochet flower onto the set for a more dressed up look?

Peter Alexander has not onyl the beanie and scarf but lots of deliciously soft pyjamas and comforting slippers available in their winter range this year. So it’s definately worth checking out their website or stores.

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Monday 27th April, 2009

Doing Something You Love

It is a Sunday afternoon and you are at a loose end – perhaps thinking that you should be seeing to those endless wedding preparation lists, or organizing yourself for the week ahead, but not quite feeling the enthusiasm for the task.

Give yourself permission to have a break and do something you love for an hour. Put on your most comfortable clothes, snuggle under a blanket and read a book that you have been saving for just such an occasion, or even pick up an old favourite from the shelf and start re-reading it.

Make a pot of tea using real tea leaves from that special tin of tea you have in the cupboard. Such a change from the ‘tea bag’ tea. Add a piece of shortbread or a Tim Tam to really indulge yourself.

Arrange some flowers you have bought from the florist, or leaves and berries from the garden. Select a beautiful vase with the arrangement in mind – pottery for branches and berries, glass for softer flowers, even an old teapot or bowl for daisies or succulents. Enjoy the process of picking, arranging and re-arranging to create the ‘picture’ you are envisaging. Set your masterpiece where you can gaze on it and enjoy its colours and shapes.

Perhaps now you will feel rejuvenated for the wedding tasks ahead!

Tea photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, Flower photo from Small Stump found via {frolic}

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Wednesday 22nd April, 2009

We Love…The Red Thread

We’re loving our We Love posts so much, we’re turning them into a regular Wednesday feature!

This week, we the work of Lisa Tilse.

Lisa is based out of Sydney and runs a gorgeous store called The Red Thread (with an equally sweet blog)

The Red Thread has many stylish products (including chalkboard eggs and vintage storybook tiles). But our favourites are the heart boxes. Lisa says “There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible red thread connects our hearts and lives with those that we are destined to meet and love.”

Each heart box contains delicate paper hearts made from colour coordinated vintage papers. Personalised heart boxes can be created with quotes and names and personalised with a colour combination of your liking. A sweet and unique idea for a wedding gift!

The heart boxes are available online from The Red Thread

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Tuesday 21st April, 2009

Walking In Autumn

Many people dread the onset of the cooler months as dreary and depressing. For us here at Bridal Survival, it is a time of taking a deep breath after the heat and activity of summer, of enjoying ‘inside’ time and appreciating the different beauty that autumn and winter can bring.

Autumns Alchemy Photograph by Irene Suchocki

We enjoy our Saturday morning get together with coffee and cake all the more when it is cool. Shopping involves looking for cool weather foods – quinces, apples and pears and not buying the imported grapes and exotic fruits. It means baking more, and slow cooking meats and chickens – filling the house with wonderful aromas.

But best of all, we love to walk in autumn and winter. We grab our special ‘someones’ and amble off looking over the fences as we wander past, at other peoples’ gardens. With our drought, some are looking shriveled, others still boast magnificent trees with coloured leaves, or the bare branches against the bluest of skies. The leaves on the ground smell musty with occasional dampness, the nights are sometimes misty, and the crispness of the air is invigorating. It doesn’t matter if it is a still day or night, or raining and windy, each walk brings with it a new delight to fill the senses.

In the city it is sometimes harder to find a sight, sound or smell to fill the soul. In the country areas, the wonders of nature are all around you – dew on the grass, carpets of leaves, frosty air, sounds in the clear night air. Come to think of it – it’s the same in the city – you just have to be more open to the wonders that may be more hidden. So grab your loved one and head for the hills (or just around the corner) – and see what you can discover!

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Friday 17th April, 2009

Magical Mothers – The Mother’s Survival Kit

Here at Bridal Survival, we love our mums. When we grow up, we want to be just as wise, loving and beautiful as they are!

So in honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day, we thought we’d explore our Mother’s Survival Kit available in the Bridal Survival online store.

Mums are such an integral part of the wedding planning process. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, most mothers are just as stressed as the bride! There’s family to consider, dress fittings to attend, tears to dry and the thought of such a momentous day for their child.

With this in mind as with all Bridal Survival kits, we headed to the experts for this kit- our mums!

The Bridal Survival Mother’s Survival Kit contains all the things a mum might need to help her through the wedding planning process.

We started with this gorgeous porcelain teacups from Husk. Decorated with silver poppies, they’re beautifully elegant. When there is a teacup there must be tea, so included in the kit is a range of Husk teas (including herbal and green) and a tea infuser.  Husk tea blends are free of tannic acids and preservatives and are beautiful to drink.

To pamper mum, we included Freesia & Nori Pear intensive hand cream and soap set from Australian brand Pamilli. Pamilli triple mills all her soaps and they all contain beautiful essential oils. Pamilli is designed and manufactured in Australia which our mums love!

We included a journal by Melbourne stationer Zetta Florence. We wanted somewhere for mums to be able to record their thoughts, write down wonderful memories and to capture the moments throughout the process.

Finally, to really help mum out during the planning process. The Mother’s Survival Kit also includes, tissues (for those tears!), paracetamol (we know there will be headaches!), a stress ball (self explanatory!), a “to do” list, a pen, sticky notes and a few other goodies including our favourite sugar hit- jelly beans!

The Mother’s Survival Kit (designed by mums and created by us!) is a great gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. It’s available now in our Bridal Survival online store.

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