Friday 30th April, 2010

Violet Spring

How easy it is to miss the beauty of spring flowers.. from Corrie Bond via The Cinderella Project. Especially the violet purples of the jacarandas at the Jacaranda festival…


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Wednesday 28th April, 2010

We Love…Marshmallows

Who can remember marshmallows toasted brown and bubbly on the end of a stick poked into a campfire? Or eating all the pink ones first from the packet.

Their soft pillowy sweet vanilla taste is perfect for floating in hot chocolate, sandwiching biscuits or even in pies. But my favourites are still the homemade ones dipped in toasted coconut.

What is your favourite?

Homemade vanilla marshmallows from Womans Day


Homemade marshmallows from yumsugar


Marshmallow hearts from Martha Stewart


Chocolate dipped marshmallows from Real Simple


Candy cane marshmallows from Martha Stewart


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Friday 23rd April, 2010

Featured in Shop TIl You Drop!

A small ‘wow’ last week when we saw we had been mentioned in the latest issue of Shop Til You Drop magazine.

It is always a thrill to be mentioned in a magazine whether it is here or overseas. We are just a little bemused by the heading – ‘6 of the best – Parsimonious Bridal Blogs’. Thanks Shop girls!

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Wednesday 21st April, 2010

We Love…Autumn Days

When the clouds lift and we get the clear sunny autumn days it feels good to be alive.

After the heat of summer, the fresh air, the colours of the leaves and the bright blue of the sky are a relief. We take a deep breath and revel in the coolness, take our meals outside to catch the sun before the weather gets too cold and go for long walks smelling the damp autumn leaves under foot.

In fact, it’s a great time to have a wedding……….

Candles from Martha Stewart Weddings


Fall Dessert Table from Amy Atlas


Room from Country Living


Alannah Rose Autumn Soiree Invitation


Bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings


Decor from Project Wedding


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Tuesday 20th April, 2010

Dream A Little Dream..

I think every little girl dreams of a dress as pretty as this one from Ouma. Soft, sweet and pink! Dreamy indeed.


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