Tuesday 30th June, 2009

The Bridal Eve Kit

Life can be so stressful, even when you’re not planning a wedding. Work schedules, exercise schedules and fitting in some ‘couple time’, as well as wedding planning, sometimes adds up to feeling rushed and overloaded.


The Bridal Eve Kit

You don’t even have the time to run to the shops and gather your supplies for a relaxing pamper session at home? That’s why we at Bridal Survival have just relaunched our ever popular Bridal Eve Kit!


The Bridal Eve Kit

Filled to the brim with lavender bath products, we encourage you to make yourself a cup of Camomile tea with the sachet provided in the kit, light the candles and slip into a deep warm bath and luxuriate. Afterwards, feed your skin with lavender body butter, slip on your favourite PJs, pop on our thick fluffy socks and eye mask and crawl into a warm bed to sleep the night away.
All you will need for a relaxing night in – dreams not provided!

We originally created the kit to ensure you have a great sleep the night ebfore your big day, but we think it’s just as lovely any time during the wedding planning process!

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Wednesday 24th June, 2009

We Love..Filigree

Filigree has its origins in ancient times and is characterised by delicate intertwining of gold or silver threads, often in a repeat pattern. Examples of this work can be found in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belt buckles.


Hairpiece from Mariana Hardwick

Imagine a vintage style dress with adorned with a velvet ‘belt’ fastened with a vintage filigree clasp. Delicate filigree earrings would look stunning teamed with a classic sheath style dress, making the earrings a feature of your look.

A filigree brooch catching folds of fabric on your dress whether at the hips or under the bust would look stunning.


Hayworth Buckle from Stephanie Browne

If filigree jewellery is not your style then try a filigree pattern on the lace you use on your dress. Try a soft colour in your lace such as a coffee colour (over cream satin, for instance), or find lace adorned with silver thread work that gives it a filigree look.

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Tuesday 23rd June, 2009

Bridal Survival Tip – Write A Contact List

The day of the wedding, before you walk down the aisle can often be a tense experience. There are vendors delivering items, needing to be paid, needing directions and last minute emergencies to be dealt with.

Ideally on your wedding day, a seasoned day of wedding coordinator will be able to manage the proceedings and save the newlyweds from any crises.

Whether you have a coordinator or not, creating a contact list of all your vendors and making multiple copies is a great way of ensuring everyone’s details are at hand and you’re not left rummaging through your files at the last minute for your florist’s phone number.

The list should contain the numbers of everyone in the bridal party, your immediate family and your vendors with the contact name.

Print out multiple copies and ensure different people have a copy- your mother, your bridesmaid, the best man and even the reception hall. Letting everyone have details at their fingertips means there will be less pulling at you andwill give others the power to solve any problems.

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Wednesday 17th June, 2009

We Love…Lark

Lately we’ve been drooling over the sweet as can be knitted treats from Victorian based Lark Handmade.

teasetlr cupcakesonclothlr

Hand knitted tea set, hand knitted cupcakes

Lark creates ethical and fair trade toys for children, though we love to use them in the office (especially the knitted cupcake set). Lark also stocks a range of goodies from other beautiful companies like Belle & Boo, Solitaire and Dumpling Dynasty.

These would be the perfect gift small bridal party member or as a spcial favor for your child guests.


Papercut Garlands

Lark also stocks mexican paper cut party flags- including white wedding ones which are a great way to decorate your outdoor wedding.

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Tuesday 16th June, 2009

A Gifted Wedding

Some may say that the ‘bad old days’ of people giving you gifts at your wedding that they have chosen themselves, is long gone and should be put away with a shudder and a shrug of the shoulders.


Photograph by Kari Herer on Etsy

Today, wedding registries are the chosen way to receive the things you want and need to set up your life together. The advantage of picking and choosing just the right cutlery or dinner set and saucepans is that you get exactly what you want and are not lumbered for many years with items that are the wrong style or colour, or of inferior quality.

The downside is, that especially for older people, the presumption that what they choose and buy for you will not be as appreciated as the items you have chosen for your registry, may not sit comfortably. Yes, in the ‘olden’ days you will have received items that sat in the back of the cupboard, until one day they came in handy! You may also have received multiple items that you felt you couldn’t use immediately.

However, you knew all those gifts were chosen with love and care by people who wanted the best for you, who bought the best they could afford, with you in mind.
Perhaps if you decide to go the ‘pot luck’ route, but still want a few really special items, you could let a parent or friend know so that a group could club together and buy this item for you. Someone could be given a list of items you would especially love and be the central person to call, in case your guests are not sure of your taste.

Whichever method you decide on, each gift will be special and represent a new start for your life together. Be sure to send out your thank you cards to let your guests know how special!

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