Monday 27th April, 2009

Doing Something You Love

It is a Sunday afternoon and you are at a loose end – perhaps thinking that you should be seeing to those endless wedding preparation lists, or organizing yourself for the week ahead, but not quite feeling the enthusiasm for the task.

Give yourself permission to have a break and do something you love for an hour. Put on your most comfortable clothes, snuggle under a blanket and read a book that you have been saving for just such an occasion, or even pick up an old favourite from the shelf and start re-reading it.

Make a pot of tea using real tea leaves from that special tin of tea you have in the cupboard. Such a change from the ‘tea bag’ tea. Add a piece of shortbread or a Tim Tam to really indulge yourself.

Arrange some flowers you have bought from the florist, or leaves and berries from the garden. Select a beautiful vase with the arrangement in mind – pottery for branches and berries, glass for softer flowers, even an old teapot or bowl for daisies or succulents. Enjoy the process of picking, arranging and re-arranging to create the ‘picture’ you are envisaging. Set your masterpiece where you can gaze on it and enjoy its colours and shapes.

Perhaps now you will feel rejuvenated for the wedding tasks ahead!

Tea photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, Flower photo from Small Stump found via {frolic}

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