Wednesday 27th May, 2009

We Love…Classic Movies

Daytime TV on the weekend in Australia is not normally of interest, but lately every Sunday afternoon, we have been whisked away by a romantic, classic film of yesteryear.

On Sunday. we curled up on the couch and watched Gi Gi, the story of a courtisan to be who develops a friendship with a rich playboy. Of course the two fall in love and live happily ever after!

Old classics like Gi Gi are the perfect thing to watch when everything is getting a bit much, you’ll be drawn into another world, full of ballgowns, elaborate chandeliers, beautiful scenes and if you’re lucky a little singing and dancing.

Movies such as these have influenced everything from fashion to interiors and may even provide inspiration for you wedding!

Movie poster from IMDB

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Friday 22nd May, 2009

Book Review – The Clueless Groom’s Guide

The Clueless Groom’s Guide by Peter van Dijk is a book that is above all humorous, but peppered with facts that every groom should know, but may not have thought of. Let’s face it, most grooms would prefer to get their advice in an entertaining and funny way rather than it all being too serious and scary! Especially when they may be feeling a little vulnerable.

The topics covered range from ‘The Proposal’ to ‘The Ring’, ‘The Dress Code’, ‘The Vows’ and all the other bits and pieces in between. A really funny section is right at the back of the book – ‘Helpful Lists’. ‘Ten Things You Need To Know To Get Happily Married’ is one area covered e.g. ‘She will not promise to ‘obey’ you. Don’t ask.’ ‘Five Synonyms For Wife That Will Not Amuse’ – it all sounds rather frivolous, but it will add a bit of light relief to what can be a stressful time, especially if your share the funny bits!
This book, written by Peter van Dijk, is well worth a look. It’s available now at the Bridal Survival online store.

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Wednesday 20th May, 2009

We Love… April Reed Cakes

We stumbled upon the beautiful creations of New York City cake designer April Reed this week. Although not Australia, her creations are so stylish and elegant, we thought the eye candy was too sweet to pass up!

The stylish ribbon, the simple, elegant flowers, the perfectly matched cake stands and the gorgeous colour combinations are beautiful! View more of April Reed’s beautiful cakes on her website.

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Friday 15th May, 2009

Bridal Survival Bride – Marni

We’re introducing a new feature on the Bridal Survival blog. We love and adore the brides that come to us through Bridal Survival and want to show you their beautiful wedding days.

We also know that every bride comes away from her wedding day with a realistic picture of the big day, so we thought we’d ask our Bridal Survival brides for some advice for brides to be!

You can see more Bridal Survival brides in our Bride Gallery and you can contact us if you’d like to be featured!

Marni & Ben

Marni is our first Bridal Survival bride (see her on our Bride Gallery page) to hit the blog and we couldn’t be more honored to have Marni share her advice here!

Newylweds names:

Marni & Ben

Wedding date:

21st February 2009

Wedding venue:

Chinese Garden of Friendship (Darling Harbour)/Boronia House (Mosman)


Kim Welinski – Asterisk Photography

Bridal Survival products used:

The Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit

I wish I hadn’t worried about…

My shoes, I have a slight shoe addiction and spent too much time worrying about something that people could not really see!

I wish I’d spent more time on…

Taking care of my health and monitoring my stress levels

The invaluable advice I received

No matter what happens the day will be perfect, no matter how many things go wrong, as long as you and your husband are married that is all that counts and that was very true

If I had to give one piece of advice to future brides it would be…

Try not to focus too much on your wedding day, spend more time focusing on your marriage. The marriage is so much more important and I think a lot of brides forget this

My ultimate Bridal Survival tip…

Don’t forget to eat something! My morning preparations went so quickly and I was quite nervous and not really hungry, but try to eat something small so you keep your energy levels up. You will need it because it is a long day!

Thanks Marni! If you’d like to be featured as a Bridal Survival Bride, simply contact us at our contact page here.

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Wednesday 13th May, 2009

We Love…Whiteport

Finding homewares online hasn’t been easy in Australia- especially if you’re looking for the perfect basket or perfect candestick for your new  home.

Popponesset Birdcage, Bee Candle Holder

Whiteport has come to the rescue with owner Jennifer McCabe launching an online store centered around white interiors.

With a large range of items from birdcages, candle olders and baskets. Whiteport has just the right range of stylish last minute decor accessories for your wedding day.

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