Wednesday 27th January, 2010

We Love….Balloons

Balloons are something which have been popping (excuse the joke) up in engagement and wedding shoots for some time. While some have tired of the “trend” we still love the playful nature and fun colour that a balloon brings!

Beautiful and white from candy queen Amy Atlas


Pink, red and gold from Sarah Yates (via Polka Dot Bride)


Sunset Balloons from Oh Joy!


Candy pink from Caroline Tran


Pretty colours from Mick Lerlop


Soft sorbet colours from Meg Griffiths


Red red red from Snippet & Ink


Sweet multi colours from Arianne Gunde


Big and bold from Hitched Studios


We found some huge balloons on iluvsugar’s etsy shop! I think they might be just the ticket for our next walk in the park.

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Wednesday 20th January, 2010

We Love…Mor Cosmetics

We received the most delicious Christmas present last yea- a box of Mor Cosmetic goodies!

We’ve always been fans of Mor’s delightful packaging and pretty labels, so what better thing to love today than a gorgeous Australian company? With scents such as marshmallow and pomegranate. they’re a little bit of luxury in our everyday!







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Tuesday 19th January, 2010

Bridal Survival Tip – Keeping Cool In Summer

Stay well hydrated with fruit juice or water during these warm summer days. Using alcohol as a drink for hydration purposes, just doesn’t cut it – you will just end up being thirstier.


Photo by Ian Britton

Lots of ice, a squeeze of lemon or lime, chunks of fruit in ice cubes, mint leaves all make fruit juice or water a little more festive. Try iced tea with fruit slices – yummy! Or a cold vegetable juice for those extra vitamins garnished with a celery stick.

If it’s really hot, a few water ice pops will cool you down. Or take a cool shower and slurp down a glass of cold water with a twist of lemon. Your skin and body will thank you!

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Wednesday 13th January, 2010

We Love…Summer Holidays

Whether it’s at home with family, at the beach or at a country farm house, there is something quite joyous about connecting with family over the summer break. The sounds of children laughing and squealing as they find a treasure, let the cold water wash over them at the beach or chasing each other around the garden embeds itself in your memory as a summer sound. Cicadas buzzing, flies droning, and frogs and crickets if we’re lucky, add to the summer feeling.

The heat, dampened by sitting under a shady tree or on a breezy verandah, or catching the sea breeze on a late afternoon with a gin and tonic in hand gives us some relief.

Time for endless cups of tea and conversation, afternoon naps, catching up with all the longed for reading. Piles of bedding and clothes strewn wherever they will fit in the house to take the ever increasing little ones, endless wet towels and sandy feet.

After the chaos and activity of the day, cold white wine or shandies (a mixture of beer and lemonade), sitting in rickety deck chairs and then the barbeque to fill the rumbling stomachs.

Then the quiet of a slumbering house – everyone worn out from the activity and fresh air. Only the occasional snore or whine of a mosquito to break the silence until the sun comes up and we do it all again.

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Tuesday 12th January, 2010

Bridal Emergency Kit As A Hen’s Night Game?

We were so thrilled last week when one of our favourite bloggers Girl With A Satchel ordered our Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit for her sister Lizzie!

However we were even more excited when Erica posted on her blog that she was going to use it for a game at the hen’s night! Having never heard of our kits used this way before, we were most intrigued at Erica’s plans!


“My first port of call was GWAS sponsor Bridal Survival, where I purchased the Deluxe Emergency Kit ($129.95) for gifting to the bride (along with How To Live With a Man… and love it by Jennifer Warwick) and the night’s first game.

Said survival pack will also provide inspiration for an activity that will require all the girls to study the contents of the pack for a minute, then write down as many items as they can remember. Fun! Winner takes home a ‘Lissy’s Hens Night’ compilation CD (I’ve made copies for all prize winners) and some chocolate. Yay.”

We love the guessing lists Erica made using a colour scan of our postcards- what a great idea! Plus we’re rather taken with the “Little Book Of Lizzy” and CD Erica created! You can check out the other ideas Erica had for her sister’s hen’s night on her blog post here.

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