Tuesday 31st March, 2009

Beautiful Water

Water seems a strange thing to write about in a blog about weddings. But at Bridal Survival, we try to think a little differently.
Water can hydrate us, soothe the soul, relax us and invigorate us. How many of us carry bottles of water around to quench or thirst? A soothing bath at the end of a stressful day can calm the spirit.
A walk on the beach inhaling the salty spray and listening to the crashing waves is invigorating.  A swim in the ocean or a pool lined with large rocks adds an element of fun and playfulness. A picnic with your loved one by a waterfall listening to the water falling to a pool below, a fountain splashing softly in a garden setting, the sound of rain soaking the parched earth.
Goldfish swimming in fish bowls, the sounds of ice clinking in a glass, homemade lemonade, sorbets – all ways in which water may play a part in your wedding.
We suggest you seek your own special ‘water place’ to soothe your souls during your wedding preparations and beyond.

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Wednesday 25th March, 2009

Indoor Picnic Fun

When your wedding preparations are starting to get you down and people are intruding on your serenity, why not consider an indoor picnic with your fiancé.

Beautiful bamboo board by Dandi

On the morning of your picnic, go to your local market and buy cheeses, smoked salmon, bread or biscuits, grapes, figs, quince paste, strawberries, chocolate – anything that you consider special and delicious. Add sparkling wine or other favourite drink and perhaps some juice as well.

Grab a picnic rug and spread it out on the living room floor. Choose basketware or wooden boards,  to put your food on. For a touch of luxury add your most special wine glasses and napkins.
Now all you have to do is grab your fiancé, close the door on the world outside and take some time out to enjoy the food, remind each other of your hopes and dreams, and relax together. Refuel your soul and you will be able to face tomorrow with renewed energy!

P.S A little bird tells me that this is good to do when you have babies and find it more difficult to go out!!

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Tuesday 17th March, 2009

The Gentle Art Of Letter Writing

Kikki K Writing Set : Bird

Letter writing is a dying art but one that is worth reviving around the time of your wedding. A short note with heartfelt words can mean so much to the recipient. What a lovely gesture to ‘pay it forward’ by passing on your emotions and excitement of this time to other people. Buy some beautiful writing paper, a special pen and find a quiet space in which to start.

Before The Wedding
–    Letters to your parents to express your thankfulness for your upbringing, the special times, the sadness at separation from them and your changing role
–    Letters to your grandparents  – how special they are to you
–    Letters to your bridesmaids and groomsmen thanking them for their help and friendship
–    Letters to special people expressing how you feel
–    Letter to your fiancé expressing how you feel, your dreams and hopes for the life you are about to embark on together

Kikki K Writing Set: Jord

After The Wedding
–    Letters to your celebrant or minister thanking them for a beautiful ceremony
–    Letters to your florist, caterer, venue, dress designer/maker, hairdresser, makeup artist, for helping make your day so special
–    Letters to anyone else who may have helped or supported you during the day
–    Letters to your wedding guests to thank them for their friendship, the effort they made and for their gifts

At a time when you feel stressed and emotional, you may think  – ‘but I can’t do that – it is too much!’ Capture the emotion you feel about the changes and excitement in your life, by putting into words how you feel about your special people. The words will flow. So grab yourself a cup of tea and reach out  – you will bring a touch of love into so many peoples’ lives.

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Friday 13th March, 2009

The Conscious Bride

The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Paul is a ‘take a breath’ sort of book where you will recognize yourself or others around you and give you insights into the reasons things can unravel, in what should be a very happy time.

That said, it is a very sensitively written book that explores why there may be tension, anger, sadness and stress around the engagement, wedding and first year of marriage. The reasons you are so emotional, as are those around you, are explained and as you read the book,you can recognize feelings and feel relieved that you are not alone – there are many brides and friends and families of the couple who are experiencing exactly these feelings too!

Putting into words and explaining what you are feeling diffuses the enormity of those feelings. For example – “…the bride is in the midst of a rite of passage that involves a difficult and painful process of separation. But separating involves more than one person……mothers trying to let go of their daughters, fathers trying to reconcile the fact that they are no longer number one ……friends trying to accept that the bride will no longer be chatting as freely with them….” This is an insightful, gentle book that is a ‘must-read’ for everyone involved in planning a wedding.

Sheryl Paul also has a website Conscious Weddings, with exercises, rituals and even a discussion forum so you can chat with Sheryl and other brides.
The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Paul is a book I would recommend to any bride. It’s available now on the Bridal Survival website.

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Thursday 05th March, 2009

Warm Up At Winter Weddings – Cardigans

Anyone in Melbourne today would be forgiven for thinking we are in the depths of winter. Instead it appears Autumn has arrived with a flurry!

Although a strapless wedding gown is still the most popular style, it an be a little impractical in the cooler months. I love the idea of a cardigan over a wedding gown

This famous photo (from Party Perfect) is of Genifer and Ben’s wedding and was first spotted in Martha Stewart Weddings a few years ago. A sweet, vintage yellow caridgan over a wedding dress with a veil creates a gorgeous look for the bride and some extra added warmth.

Here are some of my favourite cardis on the web. Look for cropped versions to allow the detail of your dress to shine through.

Wheels & Doll Baby Dita Rose Cardigan in Powder Pink

Witchery Neck Bead Detail Cardi in New Nude

Eight Thirteen Grab Denim Vintage Lace Cardi

ASOS Tipped Cardigan In Lemon

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