Wednesday 28th September, 2011

We Love…. Orchids

Orchids – they take your breath away with their endless variety of colours, patterns and shapes. They are almost too perfect with their thick petals, and if you want to add  a structured look to your floral arrangements, orchids might just ‘fit the bill’. And did you know that the vanilla bean comes from an orchid? Amazing!

So here are a few orchids to whet your appetite with their sheer beauty…….


A Cymbidium orchid Wallacia ‘Burnt Gold’ from Royale Orchids Australia


Cymbidium Sleeping Nymph ‘Glacier’ from Royale Orchids Australia


Cymbidium Vanessa Amorosi ‘Royale’ from Royale Orchids Australia

And here’s some beautiful ways to use them…..


Pink orchids with green – delicious – from Martha Stewart Weddings


A simple, elegant arrangement with a silver ribbon from Martha Stewart Weddings


A centrepiece of a stained wooden box with protea, sea holly, succulents and a bronze orchid from Martha Stewart Weddings


Gorgeous green striped lady slipper orchids and frilly sweet peas in a soft arrangement from Martha Stewart Weddings

Now is the time for orchids – how will you use them?

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Wednesday 21st September, 2011

We Love…. Candlesticks

Some more inspiration for you to give you some ideas for your reception decor. Try collecting candelabra with a theme in mind – all ornate, all wrought iron, all glass, or old shabby ones that you can leave just as they are, or paint in a rainbow of colours. Either way, candles add to the festive atmosphere of a fabulous wedding party!


Springing Sprigs candelabra from Anthropologie


Laser cut plywood candelabra from iTag Studios


To appeal to the ‘industrial’ man in your life copper candlesticks from McG Design


Fleur de Lys shabby chic candelabra from Southbury Treasures


Ornate pair of candlesticks from Petite SophisticateDz


For something different try these hand forged courting candle holders from Follow The Elvenpath

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Wednesday 14th September, 2011

We Love……Candle Holders

This week – some ideas to pretty up your tea lights – put them in holders that enhance their soft glow……


Re-purposed candle jars for tea lights from Myers and Me


Birch log tea light holders from Mi Wood Crafts


Glass jars wrapped in burlap (hessian) stencilled with a flower from Cloth and Patina


How cute is this idea from The Skullery USA?


Just could not go past these – concrete bowls for tea lights from Obelisk


Agate and clear stained glass candle holder from Greenhouse Glasssworks


Glass tea light orchid candle holder from La Bella Candela

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Wednesday 07th September, 2011

We Love…….Candles

There’s nothing like the soft glow of candlelight……….

But do try to find soy or beeswax candles – cheap candles, we are told, burn off lead in their fumes.

The bonus is that beeswax or soy candles have a lovely subtle perfume of their own which doesn’t interfere with your food or floral smells.


Hand stamped candles from The $5 French Market


Candle in a vintage teacup from Rose and Lee Vintage


Bee skep candles for a honey themed wedding from Saucy Bits


Long thin tapers from Bees Wax Tapers


Natural beeswax candle from Inita871


We have fallen in love with these porcelain egg soy votives from Eco Elements


Hand rolled beeswax candles from SandStone Coast

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