Wednesday 26th May, 2010

We Love…Autumn Boutonnieres

A new season means an excuse for a new way of doing flowers and this includes boutonnieres.

Have fun looking for the unusual – something that will be meaningful to you and your groom, or including a special flower carried by your mothers on their wedding days.

From Pixel & Hank


From MissJenniferRae


From Martha Stewart Weddings


From pomandplumage


From fruitsoftheforest


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Monday 24th May, 2010

The Jetsetter Honeymoon Survival Kit


We’re so thrilled to have our Jetsetter Honeymoon Kit included in the latest edition of Bride To Be magazine!

Many moons ago, we dreamed up this kit to help jet-setting honeymooners survive their adventures!


The kit is packed full of almost every essential you might need when hopping on a big bird to an exotic destination. In honour of our feature, we thought we’d explore a little behind the kit contents!

First up are two functional laundry bags from Australian company The Laundry Bag. The bags are lightweight, durable and can hold all your delicates until you get to a washing machine Each bag (we’ve included two, one of each design) is fully lined and features a leather carry strap, extra pockets and a wet bag.

Next up are our leather travel accessories! We’ve included a leather passport holder for the bride and the groom, a leather documents holder for all your tickets and travel documents and four leather suitcase tags to identify your newlywed luggage as it rolls off the carousel. For international jet-setters we have you covered- we included a set of three travel adapters and a double set of travel locks Keeping you safe, secured and able to use your hair dryer!

For a little bit of travel pampering, we turned to our friends at Absolutely Gorgeous and included their handmade Seduce Me bath milk sachet and body oil, for a little post wedding bliss!

We love beautiful stationery and a trip such as your honeymoon deserves only the best! We’ve included beautiful travel journals from Zetta Florence– complete with a vintage style map of the world on the cover!

We haven’t forgotten the basic essentials you’ve come to know us for! There’s toothbrushes, band-aids, sunscreen, bacterial hand santiser and even indigetion tablets! Just call us “essential travel insurance”.

The Jetsetter Honeymoon Kit is available for purchase in our online store now.

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Wednesday 19th May, 2010

We Love…Different Ways With Cutlery

One thing we do know – we don’t need to have our cutlery lined up like soldiers on our reception tables to look stylish!

Here are some other ways to add style to your tables. Take the ideas and adapt to make them your own!

From Once Wed


From Just Deanna


From Project Wedding


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Wednesday 12th May, 2010

We Love…Autumn Food As Table Decor

Autumn and winter are months that invite cosiness, rustic decoration and a warm atmosphere.

Thinking outside the square, gather some warm rustic elements for your table decorations. A plain white or stone coloured cloth could be covered with a runner made of hessian or burlap – don’t even have the edges hemmed. Add autumn fruits such as quinces, apples and pears in arrangements along the runner either in rustic containers or straight on the table in a seemingly random jumble.

Beautifully made artisan breads could be casually arranged in artful piles with dried wheat bunches. Bramble fruit, leaves or artificial berries with leafless twiggy branches and moss. Or at a country wedding, artfully arrange preserves, jams, honeys with lavender, twigs or amongst the fresh fruits of the preserves. Use twine and brown paper labels to embellish.

Pumpkins of all shapes, colours and sizes with autumn leaves and wheat, or the beautiful subdued colours of pomegranates or persimmons on bare branches will also look inspirational.

From Martha Stewart..






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Wednesday 05th May, 2010

We Love…Berries

How can we not love the colours that nature provides for us in autumn? Such vibrant colours in leaves and berries even though the days are grey. The colours just fill you up!!

Bouquet of berries & Autumn leaves from Preston Bailey


Photo from Muffett


Photo by Anosmia


Photo by Muffett


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