Tuesday 16th June, 2009

A Gifted Wedding

Some may say that the ‘bad old days’ of people giving you gifts at your wedding that they have chosen themselves, is long gone and should be put away with a shudder and a shrug of the shoulders.


Photograph by Kari Herer on Etsy

Today, wedding registries are the chosen way to receive the things you want and need to set up your life together. The advantage of picking and choosing just the right cutlery or dinner set and saucepans is that you get exactly what you want and are not lumbered for many years with items that are the wrong style or colour, or of inferior quality.

The downside is, that especially for older people, the presumption that what they choose and buy for you will not be as appreciated as the items you have chosen for your registry, may not sit comfortably. Yes, in the ‘olden’ days you will have received items that sat in the back of the cupboard, until one day they came in handy! You may also have received multiple items that you felt you couldn’t use immediately.

However, you knew all those gifts were chosen with love and care by people who wanted the best for you, who bought the best they could afford, with you in mind.
Perhaps if you decide to go the ‘pot luck’ route, but still want a few really special items, you could let a parent or friend know so that a group could club together and buy this item for you. Someone could be given a list of items you would especially love and be the central person to call, in case your guests are not sure of your taste.

Whichever method you decide on, each gift will be special and represent a new start for your life together. Be sure to send out your thank you cards to let your guests know how special!

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