Wednesday 12th May, 2010

We Love…Autumn Food As Table Decor

Autumn and winter are months that invite cosiness, rustic decoration and a warm atmosphere.

Thinking outside the square, gather some warm rustic elements for your table decorations. A plain white or stone coloured cloth could be covered with a runner made of hessian or burlap – don’t even have the edges hemmed. Add autumn fruits such as quinces, apples and pears in arrangements along the runner either in rustic containers or straight on the table in a seemingly random jumble.

Beautifully made artisan breads could be casually arranged in artful piles with dried wheat bunches. Bramble fruit, leaves or artificial berries with leafless twiggy branches and moss. Or at a country wedding, artfully arrange preserves, jams, honeys with lavender, twigs or amongst the fresh fruits of the preserves. Use twine and brown paper labels to embellish.

Pumpkins of all shapes, colours and sizes with autumn leaves and wheat, or the beautiful subdued colours of pomegranates or persimmons on bare branches will also look inspirational.

From Martha Stewart..






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