Wednesday 28th September, 2011

We Love…. Orchids

Orchids – they take your breath away with their endless variety of colours, patterns and shapes. They are almost too perfect with their thick petals, and if you want to add  a structured look to your floral arrangements, orchids might just ‘fit the bill’. And did you know that the vanilla bean comes from an orchid? Amazing!

So here are a few orchids to whet your appetite with their sheer beauty…….


A Cymbidium orchid Wallacia ‘Burnt Gold’ from Royale Orchids Australia


Cymbidium Sleeping Nymph ‘Glacier’ from Royale Orchids Australia


Cymbidium Vanessa Amorosi ‘Royale’ from Royale Orchids Australia

And here’s some beautiful ways to use them…..


Pink orchids with green – delicious – from Martha Stewart Weddings


A simple, elegant arrangement with a silver ribbon from Martha Stewart Weddings


A centrepiece of a stained wooden box with protea, sea holly, succulents and a bronze orchid from Martha Stewart Weddings


Gorgeous green striped lady slipper orchids and frilly sweet peas in a soft arrangement from Martha Stewart Weddings

Now is the time for orchids – how will you use them?

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