Thursday 07th May, 2009

Be Inspired…Blogs

Recently I worked with a large group of people for a month to refine what the Bridal Survival blog is all about. The experience was one of the most rewarding ones I’ve had online and I wanted to share with you five of my finds of the past month.

All these blogs are Australia- I’m so enjoying the lovely nature of Australian blogs!

Living In Wonderment– Living In Wonderment provides the most wonderful peaceful moments. Her words have really made me pause and breathe lately. Beautiful photographs and the neatest little finds!

Live Life– I love Dani’s bubbly personality and she’s full of Queensland sunshine! Dani is always finding new ways of speaking to her readers which I really love.

The Red Thread – I’ve mentioned the Red Thread before in We Love Wednesdays, but Lisa’s blog is a lovely cosy sight to be seen! Full of beautiful finds and her own sense of great style. Lisa brings a great feeling to me whenever I read it.

Bondville – Steph Bond showcases what’s great about Australian art and design. Funky finds, great kids products and Steph’s own special touch make Bondville really enjoyable.

Lilla Poesia – Although only a new blog, I just know Amy’s blog is going to make it onto my must read list! Already full of lovely photoggraphs and her beautiful writing style, I’m so looking forward to Amy’s new journey.

I love reading blogs outside the wedding spehere and the last four weeks have really opened my eyes to some of the beautiful ones out there. These ones are definately worth a look!

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