Tuesday 31st March, 2009

Beautiful Water

Water seems a strange thing to write about in a blog about weddings. But at Bridal Survival, we try to think a little differently.
Water can hydrate us, soothe the soul, relax us and invigorate us. How many of us carry bottles of water around to quench or thirst? A soothing bath at the end of a stressful day can calm the spirit.
A walk on the beach inhaling the salty spray and listening to the crashing waves is invigorating.  A swim in the ocean or a pool lined with large rocks adds an element of fun and playfulness. A picnic with your loved one by a waterfall listening to the water falling to a pool below, a fountain splashing softly in a garden setting, the sound of rain soaking the parched earth.
Goldfish swimming in fish bowls, the sounds of ice clinking in a glass, homemade lemonade, sorbets – all ways in which water may play a part in your wedding.
We suggest you seek your own special ‘water place’ to soothe your souls during your wedding preparations and beyond.

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