Friday 10th July, 2009

Comfort Foods

Winter is the time for us to enjoy comfort foods. Long slow cooking of stews, casseroles and roasts bring us back to the table and leisurely meals enjoyed with family and friends. A bowl of chicken soup with really good bread, jam roly poly or golden syrup steamed pudding – all foods to warm the body and the soul.


Sunday Suppers Grilled Corn Soup (full recipe here)

These recipes will adapt well to a winter wedding. If you have fond memories of a  favourite dessert that your mother cooked regularly during your childhood, what better tribute to her than to include it in your wedding reception menu. Grandma may have been a whiz at sponge cake making or apple pies, or Dad may have been adept at pancake cooking on a Sunday morning.
Your caterer will be able to come up with suggestions as to how to bring your favourite recipe into the 21st Century. From a simple change of ingredient, a different way of plating the food, a variation in the main ingredient e.g. duck instead of chicken, barramundi instead of mullet, or adding different herbs or spices, our favourites can be modernised and made as elegant as you desire.


Sunday Suppers Bittersweet Chocolate and Orange Pot (full recipe here)

Crepes instead of thick pancakes, steamed puddings served in individual pots and turned out onto a plate with extra sauce on the side, soup served in small glasses or cups. A dessert table could incorporate an ‘afternoon tea’ area featuring all those old fashioned cakes and biscuits, beautifully iced and presented on vintage platters and cake stands.
Suddenly ‘old’ could be ‘new’ again!

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