Wednesday 08th April, 2009

Eggcellant Easter

Martha Stewart Mini Easter Baskets

A time for getting together with family and friends and sharing Hot Cross Buns on Friday and chocolate eggs on Sunday.

Lay in a supply of your favourite buns to eat hot, dripping with butter and a cup of hot chocolate, with your best friend and pretend it’s diet food!

Make the most of our autumn weather and on Sunday set an ‘Easter table’ outside – a white cloth embellished with green and yellow ribbons – the colours of Easter. Add baskets to hold the eggs you have hidden and your friends search for, in the garden. If you are really keen invite your friends around for an Easter egg painting spree – using hard boiled or blown eggs and food dyes for dipping them or simply water colour paints and some cheap brushes to test your artistic skills!

Koko Black Mini Bunnies

There could be one large basket or individual smaller ones into which the eggs are piled along with rabbits and little chicks – all symbols of Easter. Over time, you might like to continue this tradition, with hand painted wooden eggs and other special bits and pieces which you could tuck away to only re-emerge at this time of the year.
For lunch after all that activity, serve a lamb dish and a special dessert, finishing  with the chocolate Easter eggs –  you’ll vow you will never eat that much chocolate again – until next time………

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