Wednesday 25th March, 2009

Indoor Picnic Fun

When your wedding preparations are starting to get you down and people are intruding on your serenity, why not consider an indoor picnic with your fiancé.

Beautiful bamboo board by Dandi

On the morning of your picnic, go to your local market and buy cheeses, smoked salmon, bread or biscuits, grapes, figs, quince paste, strawberries, chocolate – anything that you consider special and delicious. Add sparkling wine or other favourite drink and perhaps some juice as well.

Grab a picnic rug and spread it out on the living room floor. Choose basketware or wooden boards,  to put your food on. For a touch of luxury add your most special wine glasses and napkins.
Now all you have to do is grab your fiancé, close the door on the world outside and take some time out to enjoy the food, remind each other of your hopes and dreams, and relax together. Refuel your soul and you will be able to face tomorrow with renewed energy!

P.S A little bird tells me that this is good to do when you have babies and find it more difficult to go out!!

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