Tuesday 06th January, 2009

It’s Wedding Season!

Tiffany & Co Engagement rings

Wedding season has well and truly sprung! It’s difficult to walk through the city on a Saturday afternoon and not hear church bells ringing and white gowns tottering in heels up the cobbled lane ways for the perfect shot.

The festive season is also a time where marriage proposals are a plenty! Diamond rings are presented under  fireworks, a relaxing summer’s day turns into a romantic serenade and a short trip away turns into a story you will tell forever.

An engagement can be an overwhelming time in your life- there is so much to plan, people to tell and inspiration to be found! On top of that there’s a lot of emotion. So here’s five tips if you’ve just become engaged.

1. Take a week to enjoy being engaged

Stop yourself from thinking about the wedding for a week. Enjoy the moment of being engaged with your fiance! Celebrate with family and friends, drink champagne, write down your memories and bask in the gorgeous feeling!

2. Dream of your day

Sit down with your partner in  quiet place and discuss what is important to you with your wedding. Do you envisage an intimate, seaside gathering? Is he imagining a big party in the city? Are flowers your priority? Is good food his? By working out what is important from day one, you can create a clear focus for your wedding day and do away with the issues that just don’t matter.

Bridal Survival Harry & The Princess – The Wedding Planner

3. Buy a planner

We here at Bridal Survival are in love with the Harry & The Princess planner (it’s pink and has gorgeous illustrations!) but we suggest using any kind of folder you can find to get yourself organised. Use dividers, plastic sleeves and arm yourself with lots of blank paper, pens and glue to keep everything together. There’s going to be a lot of paperwork when dealing with suppliers and it’s a great idea to keep it all in the one place so it’s easily taken to vendor meetings and easy to refer back to!

Many wedding planners also include handy to do lists and guides for booking vendors.

4. Set the date

Finally the big step- the one you’ll countdown to for the length of your engagement!

There are many factors to consider when choosing your wedding date. Do you want a spring or summer wedding? Are there big sporting events on the same date that are likely to cause accommodation issues for your guests? You may even have a certain vendor that you have your heart set on on which you may have to work around. Remember to consider these factors when setting your wedding date.

5. Start booking!

This is when the fun really begins, visiting reception venues, photographers and ceremony sites. Now is the time to figure out your budget and spending priorities. It’s also a great time to start thinking about your bridal party. Are you going to have a large party or is it going to be just the two of you? What about your guest list? Is it going to be 200 people or a dinner or 20? This will determine your venues as well as the type of wedding you will end up having. An approximate count can help you plan easily.

Congratulations on your engagement! Never forget to have fun and if it all gets too much, to stand back and breathe!

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