Tuesday 12th May, 2009

Nurturing The Bride

This is the year to put into practise those thoughts of being kinder to yourself. This means taking time out from your ‘busy-ness’ to just ‘be’, to think, to dream. To do this you don’t need lots of dollars, just creative thinking and contemplation of what you feel would relax you at this moment. It will be different on each occasion.

Janne Peters

We suggest:
– curling up under your favourite rug to snooze
– buying an attractive book with blank pages and start to diary your innermost thoughts and feelings
– reading a chapter of a favourite book
– buying or picking and arranging a bunch of foliage and flowers
– making a pot of your favourite tea with tea leaves, lemon wedges and sugar, serve it in a beautiful cup and savour
– preparing good quality hot chocolate, float a marshmallow on the top and sip with pleasure
– taking a bubble bath and giving yourself a facial or pedicure
– putting on your favourite music and dancing madly around the room
– taking a walk on a rainy afternoon
– jumping in puddles
– walking along a windswept beach to collect driftwood and shells
– making a wind chime or mobile from that driftwood and those shells
– teach yourself a new skill – knit that scarf, write that poem, sing a song
As you get into the habit of doing this every week for at least half an hour, it will become second nature to you. You will miss it if it ever disappears from your life!

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