Tuesday 17th March, 2009

The Gentle Art Of Letter Writing

Kikki K Writing Set : Bird

Letter writing is a dying art but one that is worth reviving around the time of your wedding. A short note with heartfelt words can mean so much to the recipient. What a lovely gesture to ‘pay it forward’ by passing on your emotions and excitement of this time to other people. Buy some beautiful writing paper, a special pen and find a quiet space in which to start.

Before The Wedding
–    Letters to your parents to express your thankfulness for your upbringing, the special times, the sadness at separation from them and your changing role
–    Letters to your grandparents  – how special they are to you
–    Letters to your bridesmaids and groomsmen thanking them for their help and friendship
–    Letters to special people expressing how you feel
–    Letter to your fiancé expressing how you feel, your dreams and hopes for the life you are about to embark on together

Kikki K Writing Set: Jord

After The Wedding
–    Letters to your celebrant or minister thanking them for a beautiful ceremony
–    Letters to your florist, caterer, venue, dress designer/maker, hairdresser, makeup artist, for helping make your day so special
–    Letters to anyone else who may have helped or supported you during the day
–    Letters to your wedding guests to thank them for their friendship, the effort they made and for their gifts

At a time when you feel stressed and emotional, you may think  – ‘but I can’t do that – it is too much!’ Capture the emotion you feel about the changes and excitement in your life, by putting into words how you feel about your special people. The words will flow. So grab yourself a cup of tea and reach out  – you will bring a touch of love into so many peoples’ lives.

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