Wednesday 14th April, 2010

We Love… Pinwheels

Ever since we made our pretty paper pinwheels for our party last November (did you see our feature on the Pinwhirls blog?), we’ve become a little obsessed with the simple, childlike fun that pinwheels bring!

Imagine these at your wedding, placed surrounding the ceremony so they spin in the fresh breeze, mini ones placed on the groom’s suit, in bunches for bouquets, used as place cards and faavors- so many fun ideas and so many papers and pretty touches you can put on them to make them suit your own wedding!

A pinwheel wedding from Green Wedding Shoes


A pinwheel wedding cake from Pinwhirl Parties


Wedding Pinwheels from Once Wed


Pinwheel Invitations on The Hostess Blog


A Pinwheel Engagement shoot from Green Wedding Shoes


Pinwheel bouquets for your bridesmaids from rule42 on Etsy


A Pinwheel candy buffett from My Life My Loves


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