Wednesday 09th December, 2009

We Love…Cinnamon

We know this is technically a winter subject, but with the heating on and the rain pouring down, we figured we might be able to get aware with sharing our love of this old spice!

Cinnamon – the word conjures up spiciness, richness and warmth. Taken from a tropical tree the cinnamon bark is rolled while still pliable to form sticks, or ground to make a powder.

The colour is a beautiful russet brown and the smell is warm and spicy. Use the dried sticks of cinnamon in a jar as a casual table arrangement or amongst various seed pods. Tie them up with a rustic bow in a bunch and lie them on a special platter. When their delightful smell fades, sand them lightly and their perfume will be released into the room.
Use the colour as inspiration for a decorating scheme. Team with pale greys, browns, creams, copper and pewter.

Cinnamon comes into its own in food. Think baked apples, custard, baked creamy rice with cinnamon sprinkled on top and cinnamon buns. Any fruit such as pears in red wine, apricots stewed in almond flavoured syrup, or ruby coloured quinces benefit from this most versatile of spices. A mug of hot chocolate or coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on top or a cinnamon stick used as a stirrer is a real treat now that the weather is cooler.

Cinnamon Orange Molasses Cookies from Martha Stewart


Mulled Cranberry Cider from Martha Stewart


Apple Cinnamon Rum from Martha Stewart


Cinnamon Toast from Martha Stewart


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