Wednesday 01st July, 2009

We Love…Engraved Pebbles

Engraved pebbles are not a new idea, but if you are looking for a fresh take on decoration this could be just the thing.


The Oathing Stone by SJEngraving

Try them sitting amongst plain stones as a ‘river’ running down the length of your tables. Perhaps inscribed with a meaningful word, they would make unique favours. Use them in place of cards at each table setting, inscribed with the particular guests’ name and the date of the wedding.


Personalised wedding favors by sjengraving

Try looking at the man-made varieties rather than those that are picked up from river beds. Much more ecologically sound and perhaps you could pick a particular colour to match your décor.
Try  a local pottery who might be able to fire ‘pebbles’ in clay imprinted with your special saying or word. These look really elegant in white or cream with the words ‘stamped’ on,  and could be hung on a bare branch in the middle of the table or placed on the guests’ plates.
In Australia try Entanglements – contact them for ordering via their website.

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