Wednesday 10th August, 2011

We Love…….Geraniums

Geranium – that most ‘old fashioned’ of flowers still has a place in our hearts. Most of us can remember our grandmothers having at least one pot of this bright cheerful flower sitting on the step or verandah, loving the hot summer sun.

So how can we use it as a nod to our favourite grannies, on our wedding day? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


A gorgeous way to use geraniums to add to a ‘vintage’ element  – from Martha Stewart Weddings


Geraniums in a hanging basket from Garden Squirrel – love the colours! Imagine these in hanging baskets all along the perimeter of your verandah, flanking the entrance to the reception, or even hanging from tree branches in the garden.


Even the leaves are pretty and could add a frilly element to your bouquets or table arrangements – from Martha Stewart


To perfume your skin, rose geranium soap from Vegan Soap Kitchen


Have a relaxing pre-wedding bath with geranium, lavender and bergamot bath salts from Oliveen Organic Skincare


Perfume balm with geranium, neroli, ginger and bergamot from New Earth Soaps

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