Wednesday 31st March, 2010

We Love….Grey Leaves

Grey is a neutral colour that can be used to ‘cool’ a colour scheme or add an elegant touch when your colour scheme is in danger of becoming too bright and over powering.


Ranunculus and Dusty Miller from The Brides Cafe


Marigold blooms from Polka Dot Bride


Bouquet from Project Wedding


Bouquet from Studio Choo

Use grey to tone down an orange, pink or red vase of flowers. Touches of grey leaves in a blue or purple arrangement, suddenly brings the flowers to life. Even in a cream or soft apricot arrangement, grey foliage is subtle and unexpected. Amongst greenery, grey allows a sharp contrast and so adds freshness. Grey leaves are often velvety in appearance and touch and so add softness and a tactile quality to an arrangement.

Some examples of grey leaves to use are succulents, lambs ears, lavender, various Australian natives, artemisia, sea holly (Eryngium), conifers, olive branches, even carnation or dianthus stems. Also, don’t underestimate the power of bare grey leafless branches in your colour scheme.

Go grey is not so bad after all!

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