Wednesday 02nd November, 2011

We Love….Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a particular favourite of ours here at Bridal Survival. They are delicate with their individual flowers, but at the same time voluptuous with their large nodding heads. The colours are also so gorgeous – from pinks, whites, blue and purples to greens and the more rustic colours of autumn which come out as the flower dies off on the plant towards autumn and winter.

Used  in large arrangements or small, they can be as subtle in colour or as bold as you wish them to be.


Hydrangea door wreath – image from Mary Basnight via The Bride’s Cafe


Dreamy colours set off in an old wooden caddie from Dreamy Whites


Blue as the sky from Pilgrim and Pie


What could be more beautiful than this? Image from Laughing With Angels


Image from Better Homes and Gardens


Feast your eyes – image from Honey & Fitz


And in green already fading slightly in Autumn… image from French Larkspur

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