Wednesday 02nd June, 2010

We Love….Painted Tin

There is something charming about painted tin. Whether it is old or new doesn’t matter – the colours and designs inspire decorating ideas galore.

Old tins could be teamed with old things – old keys, unusual tin treasures such as pitchers and candle holders, tin lanterns, vintage birdcages and linen..

New bright coloured tin lends itself to building a scheme on happy colours. Take a favourite colour from the design and use this as a starting point for your décor – crockery, coloured napkins, ,coloured lanterns and lights and fun embellishments..

Consider using little painted tins to hold candles, favours, and small posies of flowers.

Tinware from re-nest


Tinware bowl from NutmegnSassafras


Enamel pots from Sheepstation Creek Everything Country


Vintage tin box from simplysuzula


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