Wednesday 03rd August, 2011

We Love…..Pearl Earrings

There’s something beautiful about pearls. If you only ever wear pearls once in your life – make it on the day of your wedding.

Their colour, their lustre, their smoothness – all adds up to one feminine and precious adornment. And to think these extraordinary gems (i.e. ‘real’ pearls) are made by that little ordinary critter, the humble oyster!


Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl earrings from Laur Rose Designs


Black marble pearl earrings with three different shades of 18 carat gold, and accented with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds from Fernando


16 carat gold plated earrings with freshwater pearls from GoJo Designs


Pink freshwater pearls with sterling silver wire from Fleur Far Away


Coloured cultured pearls from Boutique Peony

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