Wednesday 13th January, 2010

We Love…Summer Holidays

Whether it’s at home with family, at the beach or at a country farm house, there is something quite joyous about connecting with family over the summer break. The sounds of children laughing and squealing as they find a treasure, let the cold water wash over them at the beach or chasing each other around the garden embeds itself in your memory as a summer sound. Cicadas buzzing, flies droning, and frogs and crickets if we’re lucky, add to the summer feeling.

The heat, dampened by sitting under a shady tree or on a breezy verandah, or catching the sea breeze on a late afternoon with a gin and tonic in hand gives us some relief.

Time for endless cups of tea and conversation, afternoon naps, catching up with all the longed for reading. Piles of bedding and clothes strewn wherever they will fit in the house to take the ever increasing little ones, endless wet towels and sandy feet.

After the chaos and activity of the day, cold white wine or shandies (a mixture of beer and lemonade), sitting in rickety deck chairs and then the barbeque to fill the rumbling stomachs.

Then the quiet of a slumbering house – everyone worn out from the activity and fresh air. Only the occasional snore or whine of a mosquito to break the silence until the sun comes up and we do it all again.

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